1991 - 14.12.2019

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Reefsteamers trip cost?

Prices you find under  Irene Steam Train , The Picnic Express and the Heidelberg Wanderer

How long is a Steam Train Trip?

Heidelberg Wanderer is approximately 9 hours, Irene is approximately  5 hours, the Picnic Express is approximately 4 1/2 hours.

Where the trains depart?

The trains depart form the Rhodesfield PRASA station, you have connection to the Gautrain.

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Where can we park our car?

What are the costs?

Parking is available at the Rhodesfield station:

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Gautrain Parking is 23Rand for 24Hours, swipe at the entrance and exit your contactless cards

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes bookings have to be paid in advance and latest within seven days from booking.

Do we accept credit cards?

While our booking system is EFT only we do accept cash, credit card or snap scan on the train for all memorabilia and refreshment sales.

Can I board the train without booking?

No,  our passenger seating and consist arrangement is submitted to the authorities in advance and our bookings close at least 2 days prior to the trip date.

Can we squeeze more than 6 people into a compartment?

Unfortunately not, our compartments are limited to a total of 6 people including children.

When and how do we get our tickets?

Tickets are emailed to you between 72 to 24 hours prior to departure. You don't need to print the ticket but must be able to show it to our train crew members at any time during the trip.

Are the trains pulled by steam locomotive?

Yes, our trains are pulled by a steam locomotive unless otherwise indicated.

Can we view the steam locomotive?


Our engine will be staged at the Transnet station during our time in Station for the Heidelberg train trips.  For our Irene trips it is not possible to view the engine when we are at the venues but for the Picnic Express this is possible with supervised cab visits.

Can I cancel my ticket should there be another locomotive than steam be used?

No. (The provision of an alternative steam, diesel or electric locomotive or late running due to such change or for any other reason will not constitute a cancellation of the service for these purposes). See our T&C's

Is smoking allowed on board?

Smoking of tobacco, e-cigarettes and the use of narcotics are not allowed on our trains.

Do you have a refreshment service on board?

Yes, we have a bar coach where we sell refreshments, snacks and memorabilia.

Do you have toilets on the train?

Yes we have toilets in each passenger coach located at either end of the coach.  Toilets, however cannot be used when we are stationary in a station or siding.

What can we bring with us?

You can bring whatever you want to eat or drink on the train.  Some of the venues do not allow to bring your own food / drinks. 

Do you have medical or assist with medical emergencies?

Yes we always have a paramedic service on board that are fully trained to deal with anything from coal in the eye to diabetic attacks, bee-stings or even a heart attack.