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Good day to you all

We are in desperate need of coach controllers so I am writing this email to you to ask if you like to join the ranks of coach controller.

As you well know, much of our income is generated from our train trips. The Rail Safety Regulator requires that we have personnel on the train and at this point in time we do not have enough man /woaman power.

Please join us and if you are not sure of what to do you will be allocated to a trained person who will show you the "ropes". We will also arrange for a training session at the depot.

Kind regards,

Dennis Edgar
Chairman: Reefsteamers Association
Mobile: 083 647 0569
Become a part of our big Reefsteamers family . Our goal is to preserve the unique atmosphere of "decelerated" locomotion in the future, and to preserve the historic vehicles of the once glorious SAR / SAS to the posterity.
As a Coach Controller you will have many interesting contacts with the passengers.

You will assist the passengers with the necessary background information to allow a safe steam train ride.

In cooperation with the safety and train manager you offer a positive and unforgettable steam train experience to your guests

During the journey you assist with the boarding, explain train and Railway details to your guests and supply the passengers with the actual news if there are problems or delays on our way to the destination
Be a part of the Reefsteamers family and participate as Coach Controller! Or you may like to get dirty hands? We always welcome new members in or workshops, where we repair and restore sour steam engines and coaches.

Reefsteamers is a non profit Company

Please contact our membership department:

or our chairman:

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