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Please send us your feedback, positive, negative or which part of our attendance we need or can improve. With your view and your inputs we would be able to bid you a better service

11. February, 2017 06:18 PM
Hello Reefsteamers

I would like to thank you for a kracker of an adventure , a fantastic experience , good memories shares with friends and family.
Everything was amazing , people were friendly , huge thanks to Moose and Danie who chatted with us and gave some information of the railways and the carriages etc.

I will recommend this to all my friends , thanks again

All the best
Fergus Ford and Family and the other 11 people who came with us

Dear Fergus Ford, best thanks for your kinde words and we are glad that you enjoyed the day out with us, feedbacks are aprechiated and bring us forward and show us that our work is done the right way. We will not stop to improve our service.

28 June, 2015 11:44 PM
Morning Aletta.
I would like to thank everyone who made the day so special for my grandfather and us.
He loved it, and it turned out, the locomotive was one he actually drove many years back.
Please send my thanks to everyone involved?

RegardsCharlie Ward

13 January 2015 12:40 AM
I would just like to say a very big thank you to all the folks who made the 20th December Christmas special such a memorable day out!
I’ve been very interested in SA steam for quite a few years, and this trip was my first time seeing the real thing!
I think the term BLOODY AMAZING just about covers my opinion of the whole trip!!

I'm hoping to return in December 2015 and doing it all again!

Best regards    John Fellows   UK

Dear John Fellows, best thanks for your great feedback! positive words from our guests keep us going forward! We are looking forward to see you again in December.

05 January 2015 at 2:09 PM
To all Reef steamers members we have not forgotten our trip to Magalisbure on woman's day August 2013 and our tour around the depot the day before, my dad and myself are great steam enthusiasts and unfortunately there is nothing regarding steam in East London , we would love to come back and spend more time at the depot and go on more trips, a big up to all of you for keeping those locos going so well , i love reading the depot reports and seeing the pics that Lee Gates always puts on email. It is so sad that steam is no longer in parts of our beautiful country as some children do not even know what a steam loco is or even seen one, my 3 year old son was fortunate to have been with us on our trip and still talks about the steam trains he saw. For myself it was a first to see a 15F in action. Keep up the hot , heavy good work you are doing to keep those locos going like they are , Mr Lee Gates please continue to forward me depot reports and news as we at least have that to keep us informed  as if we were there

Best Regards,

Dear Ryan best thanks for your feedback and we will amde sure that you will see and hear from Reefsteamers in future

05 January 2015 at 7:53 AM
Hi Lauren

I just want to say thank you so much for everything, to you & the rest of the team. Max & I had a wonderful day.


Dear Juli, great that you had a good day with us! Best thanks for your kind words!

14 December 2014 07:534 AM
A huge thank you to the Reef Steamers team for a wonderful steam train experience on 13 December.

Thank you so much for your continued love and dedication to South Africa's steam heritage. We truly appreciate it.

Yours sincerely
The Curry Family

Dear Family Curry, best thanks for your kind feedback! We wish you wonderful festive season

26 March 2014 02:24 PM
To: The Marvellous Reef Steamers Team

Huge compliments all round to you in providing a wonderful experience for us to Magaliesburg on the 21st of March 2014.

Your passion and enthusiasm reflected strongly, from point of reservation in dealing with the wonderfully warm hearted, Aletta Lekalakala, to the team that greeted us at Park Station and that travelled with us.This was truly an unforgettable experience and appreciated.


p.s. I have written a review on Trip Advisor. Here’s to hoping many more will sign up for the memorable experience!

Dear Vanessa, best thanks for your kind words. Really appreciated

24 Feb 2014 09:54 AM
To whom it may concern
Firstly I already expect to receive no feedback, but let's hope you proof me wrong. I booked a trip with your company for 25 January.  This was a birthday present and the trip was cancelled. We were extremely disappointed but tried to understand that it was beyond your control. We then received a mail requesting our banking details for your company to refund our money. It is a month later and I have not received any refund. So I am starting to believe that you willfully and knowingly take peoples money without giving them the promised service. I am seriously considering to take this incident to the media and even further if need be.


Dear M. Bothma, best thanks for your feedback. Please excuse the negative circumstances Reefsteamers had to fight with. You should have received a letter from our chairman who explains the situation. The problems are now sorted and with all the guests who were affected, solutions have been found in the meantime

13 Jan 2014 12:47 PM
Good day

I’ve been trying endlessly to make a booking.  When calling 011 888-1154, it says that your number has changed to 072 140-7800 but no-one answers the phone.  I have also send an e-mail, but with no response.  I am planning something special for someone and would like to finalise all my arrangements as I need to make other bookings as well, but this is impossible to finalise if I cannot get through to your offices.  Do you want to do business or what?

Kind regards
Christa van der Westhuizen

Dear guests please note that our tel. number has changed in December to: Tel: +27 (0)11 875 2152

10 Sep 2013 13:56 PM
Good morning

I travelled on your trip to Magaliesberg on Saturday 7th September 2013 – a very special trip for me since it would have been my 50th wedding anniversary (Bill died in 2000). I did a trip also in 2008 when my brother and his wife were out here; Malcolm is very “into” railways and was invited onto the footplate leaving Carol and I just looking at each other like “what?” when left alone in the carriage!

Steam has always been part of my life, after the war (Second World) we travelled back to Norfolk from Surrey by steam train. We went to school by steam train. It ran on the Thetford-Swaffham Line and was called the “Crab and Winkle”, there were three different engines all with rather long funnels. Most of the way was single track, only a couple of passing places being available. Round about the time I was in Fifth Form a guy called Dr. Beeching changed everything and took our beloved Crab and Winkle away, replacing it with something called a ‘Diesel Railcar’ – when it came around the bend into the station that Monday morning we (in typical schoolgirl fashion) booed it.   We just LOVED our Crab and Winkle. Each compartment (seating six, eight at a pinch) had four pictures of exotic (to us) places and two mirrors.

Since those days I’ve taken the opportunity whenever it comes to travel by steam. Loved the Apple Express, the “bridge” is just something else. A special was the Tal-y-Llyn in North Wales. Even people from the Eastern Cape would be wowed by the scenery there.

When Malcolm was still a kid he used to take our youngest brother Ian train-spotting, which involved writing down the registration numbers of trains which passed through the station. It led to a lifetime passion and since he has lived more of his life in South East Asia Malcolm is a “fundi” on the engines in that part of the world.

I remember that our school train often had to wait at Roudham Junction for the mainline train from Norwich to London (this brought the Attleborough and Wymondham girls to school). It was usually pulled by engines of the Britannia class and we always raised a special cheer when it was the Britannia herself, number 70000.

Although I travelled to work in Johannesburg by plain old electric train it was always lovely to watch all the working steam locomotives at Germiston and occasionally on sidelines elsewhere such as Delmore. A sad day when they were needed no more.

Travelling on the Reefsteamer brought back many happy memories. It was wonderful to sit at the open window on the way back to Johannesburg, occasionally seeing “Mirinda” as she went round a right-hand curve, and always those wonderful sounds and smells and the soot in your eyes.

Thank you all for your dedicated work in keeping some of these beautiful “beasts” going and opening up the opportunity for members of the public to travel on them.

Kind regards

(Mrs) Dorothy Berry

Dear Mrs Berry, best thanks for your kinde words and we are glad that you enjoyed the day out with Reefsteamers

29 Jul 2013 15:33 PM
Hi all,
I would like to congratulate you on a well organised Open Day event on Saturday, 27th July 2013!
My husband and I felt like "kids" again as we strolled around looking at the "old ladies" and the memories came flowing back from our childhood trips on various trains in good old Rhodesia and South Africa.

I would like to suggest that you have these events more frequently (maybe 2 or 3 times a year) and it needs to be advertised more so that the interest levels can pick up. I would also like to suggest that you have more food/beverage stalls as there needs to be more variety of foods/drinks (especially for those that are vegetarian/vegan and also those that do not like eating "junk food") and umbrellas for people to sit under (especially the elderly).
I managed to purchase a 2013 calendar for R30,00 and was wondering if there are any left and when the 2014 calendar will be available as I wish to purchase some as gifts for next year and send them to Cape Town, etc?  Can you come back to me on this please?

Keep up the good work on the "old ladies" :-)

Kind regards,
Catherine O'Connor

15.October 2012 08.50 AM
We wish to thank Reefsteamers for a great experience travelling with Janine to Magaliesberg on Saturday 13/10.  The hospitality and the calibre of staff was excellent.
We however as a group of people that travelled together wish to make a suggestion that Reefsteamers consider the smokers that travel on these trips.  Whilst one could probably argue that Janine gives off more smoke than a coach of 400 people, she does an awesome job.  We however ask that the few smokers that travel on these trips be considered.  We believe  Reefsteamers could offer one or two a smoking (compartment) coaches, which would not have a negative effect on the non smokers travelling on these tripes as smoking would be restricted to these coaches only.
We trust that our suggestion will be given positive consideration and again thank you for a wonderful trip.
Kindest Regards
Sharon Moir

16.July 2012 06.50 AM
Good Morning
Thank you very much for the opportunity to shoot those wonderful machines this weekend.... this was a total first for me in more ways than one.... first time taking pictures with a group, and i must say i feel that it was very well organized and then me being only 24 this was my first actual exposure to steam trains .... its a monster of a machine and blew my mind away to see them in action on Saturday morning. 

SIR  I thank you very much! 

Wiehan Louw
Design Draftsman
Tenova Mining & Minerals
Emerald Boulevard, Greenstone Hill
burg, South Africa

02.July 2012 10.59 AM

Hi there,

Was an awesome day. From the train ride to the ready braais at the picnic place (even though I didn’t realise they’d be there and we had to trek to the spar to get meat J), to the drinks cart. Alles.

Txs a mil.

18.June 2012 10.26 AM

To the team at Reef Steamers

Just a big thank you to the team for the trip to Magalies yesterday!  It was such a great day out and such a nice experience! Your teams passion for the steam train experience could be seen which made the trip that much more enjoyable! 

I would also like to commend all your staff for stopping and helping that poor man – the incident is quite a mystery.  I do hope that he will be fine. 

Once again thank you for such a great experience!

ind Regards

Sylwia Kaczanowska

Commercial Manager – Selfmedication
Aspen Pharmacare

10 April 2012 05:53 AM
Dear Lauren

Just a short note to say thank you for a lovely day we spent with Reefsteamers. The trip brought back many memories of the numerous trips we took as children on the old Trans-Karoo. For their first train trip my boys simply had to go on a team train - what an adventure for them. The tour in the shed was informative and the ride on the train unforgettable for them.

All the best with your venture and we hope that funding will come fast and furious so that all the restoration of the locomotives can happen.

Regards from Zululand

Hettie, Colman and Thorin Renald 

03 April 2012 11:09 AM

Hi All,
I work in RSA 4 times a year and in late March visited the depot at Germiston.  I write to thank you for the hospitality I experienced – one guy took his afternoon break to show myself and my nephew around, a gesture much appreciated and enjoyed. 

I write in part to compliment everyone at Reefsteamers on the efforts you have made and the magnificent collection of engines and rolling stock you have brought together.

I the UK I am involved in a new steam build so I understand the extent of your achievement.

I am back in Joburg in late July and hope to join one of your services up to Magaliesburg

There is one thing that I hope you can help me with.  I tracked down the stock of old locos in the depot off the Randfonteim - Krugersdorf road near Randfonteim but access was understandably restricted.  As a keen photographer of the railways I would very much like to gain access to the site when next in South Africa.  Can you help me by putting me in touch with whoever manages/ controls site access?

Thanks for your time – and congratulation on your achievements to date.

David Lyneham-Brown

09 March 2012 08:47 AM
Dear Lauren,

Just wanting to drop you a note to say thank you to all of you making such
an effort to ensure we all have a fabulous day on the 3rd of March. The
kids had an absolute ball!

We had lunch at Magalies River Lodge which was fabulous too, the people were
so helpful and friendly, would definitely recommend (except for the slightly
dodgy (!!) bus ride!)



05 March 2012 04:26 PM

Dear Lauren,

Thanks for everything.  My family and I had a wonderful time at Magaliesburg and also the train ride was a joyous one.  Will recommend this to all my friends and family. 


Priscilla Latchmiah

05 March 2012 10:15 AM

Hi Lauren

I wish to thank you for the opportunity to go on a steam train again. It was absolutely fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The picnic/braai area is very well run although the ablution area is not so friendly.

I am really happy to see that Carl enjoyed it all so much and that you made it possible for him. You are amazing people and I wish you all the very best in your future and the future of your business.

I wish you all the best with the rest of the trips for the year and will keep my eyes peeled for any interesting outing which I might enjoy.

od bless you in abundance.


Mariana Kruger |PA to Willie Jansen - COO | Absa Asset Management

05 March 2012 10:09 AM

Good morning Lauren

Just a short note to thank your team for the well organized and enjoyable train trip to Magaliesburg on Saturday. My team thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Thanks also to you for all your assistance during the planning of the trip – much appreciated.

May Reefsteamers enjoy a long and successful future – you definitely seem to have a very popular recipe.

Kind regards
Bernard Carless

05 March 2012 09:34 AM

Hi Lauren,

I trust this email finds you well.

I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ ! we had an awesome time on the train, and all our staff are raving about Saturday.

Congrats on a job well done J

Many thanks and kind regards,


05 March 2012 09:20 AM

Hi Lauren,
I was on the train to magalies last Saturday and I had a great time. J
Now I want to know about  “ New Year Holiday Train to South Coast”

Thank you.
Kind Regards,

Rosina Rabothata

ETL DeveloperData Warehouse Solutions

Application Solutions Development

05 March 2012 09:03 AM

Morning Lauren
Just a quick thank-you to Reef Steamers for organizing such a wonderful trip.
Our group had an awesome time.
Please extend our thanks to Crystal from the Hotel, who was unfortunately off-duty on Saturday, so I did not get to meet her

Please would you forward me the info on the Cherry Festival trip. I am aware that it’s some month away, but would really like to start drumming up lots of support.
One of your colleague’s  Hennie gave us a brief overview on Saturday

Once again….
Sue Muirhead


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