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We have always had a focus on Technical Excellence and we make sure that our rolling stock looks as good and clean as new.

Your support is essential to save this part of South Africa's unique industrial heritage!
Support us with your membership application, with a donation or enjoy a ride on one of our steam-operated trains and tours.

Would you like to become a member of Reefsteamers and get involved in preserving steam trains? Then contact us at

For queries about running trains, booking of trains and hiring of trains, contact us at

Dear Reefsteamers,

Please find attached, the Membership Renewal forms for 2012.  The annual memberships are to be renewed by 31 March this year.  (Instead of February.)
Membership fees have been changed slightly and a students’ discount has been added.
As usual, all payment instructions and account details are included on the second sheet of the form.
Those that have been granted lifetime membership are not required to pay membership fees.

As a reminder, please remember that only paid and registered members may serve as duty crews on the trains and locomotives.
(For insurance, safety and reporting reasons.)

As a long-distance heads-up, this year’s AGM will be announced later.  You will be reminded closer to the time.

This was changed for this year to allow more time for completion of the financial audits in time for presentation to the Club Members during the AGM.
This form is a membership renewal form only and it is not applicable for recruiting new members.


Lee Gates
For membership fee payments please use the following bank account:

Our Membership office


Payment details

Bank Name: ABSA
Branch Code: 632 005
Account or Beneficiary's Name: Reefsteamers
Account Number: 912 431 8506
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Our postal address:
P.O. Box 1736
Germiston 1400

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