South Africa's professional steam train operator

Open day July 2012

Travel timetable:

Rhodesfield - Germiston Steam Depot
Departure from Rhodesfield station 08:50
Departure from Rhodesfield station 10:50

Germiston Steam Depot - Rhodesfield
Departure Germiston Steam Depot 13:05
Departure Germiston Steam Depot 15:00

We regret that due to security, space and exhibition access requirements, there will be NO PARKING available at the Reefsteamers Locomotive Depot.

Park your car safely at the Gautrain Rhodesfield Station, or park locally and catch the GAUTRAIN to Rhodesfield (Refer to for their timetables and rates).

From Rhodesfield station we have a steam train shuttle to the Germiston steam depot.
Ticket Prices for Steam Train Shuttle & Open Day:

Rhodesfield - Germiston Depot - Rhodesfield

Adults R 150
Teens (6-12 Years) R 080
Children under 6 Years
The Ticket price includes a shuttle ride, all depot tours and exhibits.

Note that Gautrain & parking, food & drinks, the loco driver experience and memorabilia are to your own account.

Gautrain parking is R82 per day for those who do not use the Gautrain to Rhodesfield.

Enquiries to Reefsteamers:


Update from 18.07.2012

Hi Everyone,

Here is a reminder for our Reefsteamers Open Day, which is but a mere two weeks away.

Since our poster was released, there have been a lot of queries and points of confusion, partially  
because people are making assumptions according to the way that we do things on a typical day-trip run.

To clarify the poster further:
-There are NO BOOKINGS required.You simply need to get yourself to the Rhodesfield Gautrain station and buy yourself a ticket.
-Tickets are allocated on a first-come first-served basis.
-There are two steam powered shuttle trains departing Rhodesfield in the morning, each with capacity for about 400 passengers, so there is plenty of room!
-The morning shuttles leave 2 hours apart at 08H50 and 10H50.
-The price does not change depending which train you take to or from our depot.
-The steam train ride from Rhodesfield to the Germiston Depot is about 25 minutes.
-There will be snacks and drinks for sale on the train.
-The Reefsteamers ticket stand will be sign posted and set up on the Gautrain concourse. (Not at the PRASA station, as was incorrectly stated earlier.)
-There WILL be Reefsteamers people available to show you the way from the Gautrain station to the PRASA station.  They will have high visibility vests on, with jeans and maroon tee-shirts.
-No, the Reefsteamers train cannot wait for you.  We have been slotted into the PRASA schedule in between their normal commuter trains and we must leave on time!
-The Reefsteamers ticket stand and signage will be dismantled upon the departure of the 10H50 shuttle and the staff will leave on the same train.

On other points often queried:
The model steam train ride is free – included in your cover ticket price.
-The model steam train ride will be running all day.
-There will be no entry tickets or parking available at the Depot. 
-Entry is via the Rhodesfield steam train only.
-The workshops will be opened every hour for tours – included in the ticket price.

Loco Driver’s Experience:
-The tickets for the Locomotive Driver’s Experience are separate from the cover tickets.
-No bookings will be taken for the driver’s experience – you need to purchase a ticket in person.
-Driver’s Experience Tickets are sold on a first come first served basis.
-Driver’s Experience Tickets will be sold from the club house.  (R300 each).
-Just to note, the driver’s experience is for a real locomotive, not the 5 inch gauge model.
-You will need to sign an indemnity form before being allowed to drive the locomotive.
-Potential drivers will need to use a breathalyser before being allowed to drive – so if you intend to drive the locomotive, be careful of consuming alcohol beforehand!

Lee Gates

Good day Everyone!
We are quite pleased to announce that we will soon be hosting yet another Steam Depot Open Day at our historic old Germiston Steam Locomotive Depot. We have quite an exciting program in mind for you! We are still in the planning stages, but nearly all the people have already committed to participate. As we finalize the event, we will send out an official (and summarized!) flyer with all the details necessary. This text-based teaser notice
is just to whet your appetite.

The Steam Train Trips :
We are negotiating with Gautrain for the use of their parking at Rhodesfield for our event. If so, then you can park your car safely at the Rhodesfield Gautrain station and we will bring you to our depot in central Germiston (and return) by steam train! (Via the nearby commuter line of course) This also means that you can use the Gautrain at a station convenient to you, as well as the associated Gautrain Busses, to get to Rhodesfield to board our train! We will let you know at the beginning of July if we can do this, and will give you the times for our shuttle trains. You could have the unique experience of riding the Gautrain and a vintage steam train one right after the other!
If we cannot use their parking areas, then you can park in the grounds of the Germiston Diesel Depot and make your way to our grounds via the pedestrian subway. But we will still run two steam trains to Rhodesfield regardless.

At the Depot:
We have the following planned for you

· A minimum of three main line steam locomotives will be ‘in steam’ all day.
· A wide assortment of steam locomotives will be on display, under repair or waiting for restoration.
· View our two vintage steam cranes, as well as some rare and unusual machinery.
· The Model Train Shop (Rinke Blok) will have a HO Scale Train Layout on display as well as a sales kiosk.
· The N-Gauge Guild will be showing off their modular N-Scale train layout – always worth a visit!
· Some live steam scale model locomotives (5 inch gauge) will be running on a portable track outside our forge, and pulling passengers.
· There will be a selection of live steam model locomotive on static display.
· There will be a display of scale model stationary engines, many of which will be running.
· Some full sized stationary engines will be displayed and running. (Oil, gas, petrol or diesel.)
· A Pratt and Witney radial engine will be on display.
· We will take people on guided tours of our depot, the running sheds and the real steam workshop.

We will offer driver experiences whereby members of the public can drive a REAL steam locomotive (a 25NC), with a short train, around our turning track and up the sidings. This will be done under guidance from a qualified driver, of course. Participants will receive a certificate to commemorate the event.

· There will be an open air display of vintage Austin cars.
· Of the locomotives in the yard, you are welcome to get up close and climb into the cab where the crew them will show you how they work.
· There will be a display stand showing a range of steam train videos.

· Locally produced limited edition steam train books and DVD’s will be for sale.
· We will have steam train-themed tee-shirts available for the kids.
· Kango the Kitchen Car will be selling cinnamon pancakes, freshly made boerewors rolls and curry n’ rice.
· We will have an outside eating area set up in a grassy area where you can see everything that is going on, or you can eat within a dining coach.
· Our licensed bar coach will be open, selling beers, malts, wines and spirits. Tuck shop-type foods will also be available.
· De Garwe Brewery will have a stand for the sampling and sales of their speciality hand-crafted beers.

So, you can see that there will be lots to see and do! So start planning ahead for a steam train flavoured day with us Saturday, 28th July! We will let you know of the confirmed details at the beginning of July.

Hoping to see you there!

Lee Gates (Reefsteamers’ Documenter)

Postal address:

Reefsteamers Association
PO Box 1736, Germiston 1400
Republic of South Africa
Tel: ++27 (0)11 888 1154
Bank Name : ABSA
Branch Code : 632 005
Account or Beneficiary's Name: Reefsteamers.
Account Number: 912 431 8506

Download the open day Flyer:

We regret that due to security, space and exhibition access requirements, there will be NO PARKING available at the Reefsteamers Locomotive Depot.

Park your car safely at the Gautrain Rhodesfield Station, or park locally and catch the GAUTRAIN to Rhodesfield. (Refer to for their timetables and rates.)

From Rhodesfield station we have a steam train shuttle to the Germiston steam depot

Departure from Rhodesfield: 08:50 and 10:50
Arrival in Rhodesfield at about: 13:05 and 15:00