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Photo Shoot Sessions 2018, date to be confirmed

Winter Photo Shoot

Reefsteamers winter photo shoot is scheduled for steam loco enthusiasts / action photographers to access the depot in Germiston to photograph a 15F loco in steam doing repeated run pasts in the beautiful early morning light. Run pasts take place just before
dawn both at speed and later static with each event being repeated several times to ensure the togs assembled all get a good shot.

All action will take place within the Reefsteamers security area where there is secure parking.

As well as a running loco in steam there are many other photographic opportunities - several parked locos including a condensing 25 class, a Garrett, partially stripped locos, derelict wagons, coaches, sheds and large workshops with a 12 AR, 15CA, Class 6 locos and other equipment under repair.

After the steam photo session you will have
8 lovely models in attendance.

We assemble at the depot just before dawn for a quick cup of coffee - the freezing weather makes for fantastic steam photography at a cost of R750 per photographer and R700 per accompanying visitor. For safety reasons young children are not allowed. We restrict numbers to 30 togs at each shoot to ensure all  ‘get the shot’. Early booking is essential.

It is likely there will be models  in attendance after the run pasts have been completed.
Should you wish to get a confirmed booking, please pay R750 per photographer  to Reefsteamers  FNB 62128006823. Code 253442.

Reference -  name .........(to be announced) July winter shoot.

It is essential that you send a copy of the payment receipt so that your booking can be confirmed.

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