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24. June 2017

lanes, Train & Automobiles

Catch a ride on a real Vintage main line Steam Train out into the countryside, to the quaint Magaliesburg Station and its serviced picnic grounds.

On this very special trip, vehicles from the Tiger Moth Club of South Africa and the Vintage & Veteran Club will join the Reefsteamers Steam Train for the journey from Krugersdorp to Magaliesburg, providing a unique and spectacular experience featuring the sights and sounds of a bygone era.

Booking is essential: bookings@reefsteamers.com

Photographers needing details: contact Ian Morison at photo@reefsteamers.com

Times and prices coming soon

Travel timetable:
Trains depart from Johannesburg Park Station, platform 14
Johannesburg Park Station- Magaliesburg
Departure from Johannesburg main station TBA
Arrival at Magaliesburg TBA

Magaliesburg - Johannesburg Park Station
Departure from Magaliesburg TBA
Arrival at Johannesburg (scheduled) TBA
Booking details:
Our Ticket booking office
Cell: +27 (0) 62 743 9200
E-Mail: bookings@reefsteamers.com

Payment details
You receive the payment instructions with your reservation details
Ticket Prices for 2016
Johannesburg Park Station - Magaliesburg and return:
Per Seat on a day sitter coach
Adults TBA
Children (4-12 Years) TBA
Children under 4 Years
SA penioners

Private Compartment:
Seats 6 people (only 4 Compartments available)
Including welcome basket TBA
Without welcome basket TBA
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