Train Trips

Wanna come on a steam train ride with us?

Reefsteamers invites you to come along and spend the day with us, enjoying our wonderful nostalgic old steam trains and a day out for the whole family that doesn't involve highways, stress, hurry and traffic jams.

Board our train  in the cool of the morning, perk up to the sound of the steam train's eager whistle upon departure and take a leisurely ride to your destination. Enjoy the unique sight, sounds and rhythms of a full-sized main-line steam locomotive doing the work for which it was originally designed - pulling heavily loaded trains at true main line speeds and under real working railway conditions.  These are not toy trains! Experience the exciting staccato beat and the thrusting power of our locomotives pulling full-length trains of 10 to 15 coaches.  Relax, lean back, put your legs out and enjoy the scenery whipping by the windows and absorb the soothing rail song of the steel wheels whirling away the miles on the shiny rail heads beneath your feet.

Try to describe the evocative coal scent, feel the cinders pattering against your hands as the locomotives bark while hammering their way upgrade, see the smoke trails painted across the azure African skies - enjoy experiencing the magic of South Africa's steam railway heritage, resurrected from the past for your enjoyment.
You won't have a long drive with miserable, hot, bored and cranky kids cooped up in your family car. There's plenty of room for the kids to do their thing - they can even play board games or cards, or bring some favourite toys along.  Enjoy your 'padkos', or some tuck from the bar or the catering coach

For the more engineering minded, railway enthusiasts, the steam locomotive fans or merely the curious, you can usually watch our crews service and prepare the locomotives - a fascinating skill still extant from the past. Our Reefsteamers Steam Team will conduct the steam-age ritual of coal trimming, firing, ash pan cleaning, lubrication and many more, and they will take great delight in answering questions about their routine tasks and the beautiful locomotives of which they are so proud. You will probably see some younger people on duty too, who have grown up to love steam locomotives enough to dedicate themselves to undergo apprenticeship in these decades old skills, and these may well become the men (and women) who keep these steam hauled treasures running long into the future.

In case you get thirsty or hungry along the way: Grab a beer or a cool drink at the bar, with plenty of space to eat, stretch your legs and walk about, or perhaps some refreshments out of our "rolling trolley bar" which will serve you in your coach.

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