1991 - 14.12.2019

Irene Steamer


Let Reefsteamers take you to Irene Nallmapius’ home for the day or maybe you would like to watch the van der Byl dairy herd make their way to pasture.  Or is the resting place of General Jan Smuts and the history of the boer war what interests you? No matter the reason why you wish to visit the area of Irene in Pretoria the only way to get there is by steam train.

Meet our friendly train crew at the PRASA Rhodesfield Station and hop on board. Departure at Rhodesfield is 10:00 sharp!

You can make it an added adventure by taking the Gautrain to Rhodesfield and slip through a time warp where history meets modern-day.

While on board you can enjoy the offerings of our Food Truck on Rails and their yummy morning tea treats and beverages. Don’t forget to take a memento of the day home with you from our memorabilia table.



Irene dates 2019:

14. December 2019

28. March 2020

30. May 2020

25.July 2020

05. September 2020

03. October 2020

07. November 2020

04. December 2020

05. December 2020

Irene Ticket Booking Form
Ticket prices 2019:


R 330.00

Children aged 4-12

R 275.00

Children under the age of 4


Family Ticket (2 Adults + 2 Children over 4yrs)

R 1045.00

Private Compartment: Seats 6 people - limited number of compartments available as per consist arrangement. 
  Pricing - including welcome basket R3,000.00 / without welcome basket R2,500.00.


Book a whole coach for up to 72 passengers:


Whole coach – R35,000-00

Train schedule:

Boarding time at Rhodesfield PRASA Station


Departure from Rhodesfield


Estimated Arrival at Irene Station


Departure time from venue


Departure from Irene Station


Estimated Arrival at Rhodesfield PRASA Station


The times shown for the trips are our scheduled times, however, should there be any delays caused by Transnet / PRASA or the track infrastructure, Reefsteamers is not liable for the delays.

Reefsteamers Terms and Conditions for any Booking

At Irene you will have the choice to explore different locations:

The Irene Farm, !! No Cash accepted at the Irene Farm !!

Irene Village Market (Big Red Barn) !! No Cash accepted at the Big Red Barn Restaurants !!

Jan Smuts House Tour, (only available on 04. May / 28. September / 16. November 2019)

In order to arrange shuttle service from Irene  station when booking please, indicate which location you wish to visit. Upon arrival at Irene station, marked buses will shuttle you to the destination you have required (Bus Transfer is included in the Train Ticket Price). If you want to book seats and meals at the Destinations, please book via the Webpages of the Destinations.

The Reefsteamers "Irene Steam Train" usually runs with the following consist
1)  Day-Sitter coaches.  These are laid out like a road going bus with 2 + 3 bench seating and full length baggage shelves.  The coaches have toilet facilities available at each end of the coach
2)  A lounge coach with very comfy sofa type seats - you can find our memorabilia display and Food Truck on Rails in this coach.

Our train trips are by bookings only - so please contact the booking office first to avoid disappointments,  No cash payment will be accepted on the train.
The tickets will be emailed within 24 hours prior to the trip.  Please make sure that you are on the platform latest by 09:30.

The ticket fees do not include refreshments, although the train includes the Food Truck on Rails for your refreshment needs or you can bring along your own cooler box.

You have more questions? Please read our FAQ

Please note that there is a no smoking policy on our train, which is in line with the Government's policy on smoking in public areas. Reefsteamers coaches are 'Right of Admission Reserved', thus we reserve the right to ask you to disembark at any point on the journey should you have not paid for the trip or be causing discomfort to other passengers due to unruly behaviour. Steam can be substituted by diesels as last resort when all steam traction is down because of unexpected failure or maintenance

Reefsteamers Terms and Conditions for any Booking

Parking is available at the Rhodesfield station: Gautrain Parking is R23.00 for 24Hours  

swipe  at the Parking entrance and exit to pay the parking fee